Shrunked Image Resizer 3.0

Yes, Firefox 19 broke Shrunked. But I fixed it. The new version is here.

Version 3 of Shrunked also features resizing of images in the background, so your computer can concentrate on displaying pretty buttons and stuff. This feels much smoother and faster, I'm not sure if it actually is or not!

I'm no longer supporting Gecko 1.9.1

Now that SeaMonkey 2.1 has at last been released, I am no longer supporting any product based upon Mozilla's Gecko 1.9.1. That means users of Firefox 3.5, Thunderbird 3.0 and SeaMonkey 2.0, you won't get any new versions of my addons, and I'm not likely to answer your email. But let's face it, it's time you upgraded anyway.

This announcement makes me very happy.

Shrunked - Help Wanted

I'm trying to hunt down a bug in Thunderbird 3.1 and Firefox 3.6 (possibly other versions) that's preventing Shrunked from working for some users. You can help by clicking on the following link and emailing me if you get an error message instead of the lovely Firefox wordmark. Let me know what browser (and version) and operating system (and version) you're using. Thanks!

End of the road?

I think that both of my add-ons Open With and Shrunked have one, maybe two, more releases in them. They've achieved all I ever set out to do, and a lot more - if it wasn't for thousands of users I would've stopped developing them ages ago. Here's what's left to do (probably not until closer to the release of Firefox 4):

The Shrunked options dialog needs to take advantage of some of the first code I ever wrote for Mozilla. This will make it incompatible with Firefox 3.5, but that doesn't really matter any more.

I'd also like to be able to remove the resampling code introduced in Shrunked 2.5, but Mozilla needs to do a better job of image resampling themselves first.

Open With has a fancy new options tab, replacing the cramped dialog box. I'm waiting to see how things pan out with the new about:addons page before I make final decisions on releasing that.

As always, thanks for using my software, and don't forget to send me some appreciation in currency form.

I'm sick of looking at Javascript

I've been trying to figure out a bug that's reportedly been plaguing Shrunked for a month. I've only just managed to reproduce it, and I think I've finally solved the problem.

I really, really don't want to see any more Javascript for a few weeks. Thank God it's holidays next week and I can hang out with some humans for a change.