Can haz source?

Recently I've decided to make better use of my GitHub account by putting some of my work out there for others to see and contribute to, if they feel the need. It's also been a chance to read through a lot of my old code and tidying it up (plenty of WTF was I thinking? moments).

I've put some of my Mozilla add-ons up there and some javascript bits and pieces. I may later add the rest of my add-ons, some of my PHP code (although mostly that is gathering dust) and possibly the CMS that runs my website (already on BitBucket).

So here you go, DarkTrojan on GitHub.

Is your new tab page as good-looking as mine?

It should be, and quite easily could be, just use my latest add-on, New Tab Tools. It lets you customise the number of tiles on the new tab page, the images on those tiles, use the launcher from about:home and (coming soon) add a background image.

I've put the source on github, so if you feel like contributing, or mocking my code, go for it.

Also, big thanks to the original creator of the Firefox new tab, Tim Taubert, for making it so easy to pimp out.