I've found something unusual in my add-on stats

Here's a graph (or a chart if you're that way inclined) of the users of one of my add-ons over time. Firefox 14 - 16 are missing from it which is confusing, but that's not the unusual bit. Let's see if you can spot it:

Open With 5.3

I've just sent the version 5.3 of Open With to the AMO editors for review. It features new browser buttons on the developer tools toolbox (Firefox 20), and large amounts of code cleanup that you won't even notice. Also the Open With... items for links are now in a more logical place.

There are other bits and pieces in the works (people keep pestering me for Thunderbird support, so I've given in), but with Firefox 20 approaching release, and two months and six betas since I added the new bits, it was time to release. There may or may not be a quick turnaround on version 5.4, we shall see.

The source is available on Github, including the Thunderbird bits, so if you want to get involved, please do so!

Shrunked Image Resizer 3.0

Yes, Firefox 19 broke Shrunked. But I fixed it. The new version is here.

Version 3 of Shrunked also features resizing of images in the background, so your computer can concentrate on displaying pretty buttons and stuff. This feels much smoother and faster, I'm not sure if it actually is or not!