Can haz source?

Recently I've decided to make better use of my GitHub account by putting some of my work out there for others to see and contribute to, if they feel the need. It's also been a chance to read through a lot of my old code and tidying it up (plenty of WTF was I thinking? moments).

I've put some of my Mozilla add-ons up there and some javascript bits and pieces. I may later add the rest of my add-ons, some of my PHP code (although mostly that is gathering dust) and possibly the CMS that runs my website (already on BitBucket).

So here you go, DarkTrojan on GitHub.

Add-on Overload

My apologies if you're trying to get my help with add-ons lately, I've had a lot of requests for features and fixes and I just can't deal with them all at once. I guess that's what happens when you get ~10000 new users in a month. On top of all this I've just discovered that all my new add-ons are broken on Firefox nightly builds. Oh, and I've had the flu for the last few weeks.

If you do need to ask me something, please do email, just don't expect an answer straight away. Slipping something into my paypal account will move you up the queue ;-)

My apologies also if you're an AMO reviewer and having to put up with new versions every few days.

Update: seems I've also run into an odd AMO bug affecting Open With 5.0.1. Get 5.0.2 instead.