Forked Lightning

I haven't done much lately but I haven't done absolutely nothing. Given that I look at my Lightning calendar every day, some things began to irritate me. I've started to fix them.

(Note that I don't actually plan to fork Lightning and release it, I'm just using the term for pun value.)

Things you can see here:

  • Moved the view controls to the toolbar for space-saving and prettiness reasons
  • Restyled the events to match the today pane
  • Used better colours for my calendars (that's just done with about:config, but I'd change the available colours in the picker)

Things you can't see:

  • Switched on a database option for the offline cache (massive performance win, woo!)
  • Switched to Philipp's javascript implementation of iCal, and made some other changes so that Lightning could be run without being unpackaged, and without version dependence
  • Stopped the month and multiweek views from refreshing all the time when it's unnecessary

All these things and a few more are available as-is on my c-c patch queue if you're interested in trying them. I've done the easy 80%, and I wish I could justify spending the time on the hard 20%, but I just need to look at the picture above to see the reminders of bills that need to be paid.