I'm not maintaining this website any longer. If you're interested in what I've made, visit my GitHub page or my GitHub profile.


Hello, I'm Geoff Lankow, and this is my website. Here you'll find an array of my ideas and projects.

A little about me:

  • I'm from Auckland, New Zealand - which is quite possibly the best country on Earth, although we seem to be constantly trying to ruin it. I left high school with straight As in 2000, and I have a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Auckland.
  • Some of what I do I would describe as web engineering. Apart from making websites and website management software, I also make code creation tools, widgets, and javascript stuff. I especially like playing with new bits and pieces that become available in browsers - basically anything that Internet Explorer users won't get to see for about 5 years. Lately my favourite toys are HTML5 forms and CSS transitions.
  • I give a fair amount of my time to the Mozilla project, mostly tidying up loose ends that have been left behind by the core developers. I also have created a number of add-ons for Mozilla software, and you'll find them here too.
  • I have spent a large chunk of the last decade working with school kids and teenagers. I work for an after-school sports programme at two primary schools, and, with some friends, run a week-long school holiday programme four times a year. I've also been known to organise camps and other events, but I don't do much of that these days.
  • I drive a '96 Toyota Corolla wagon. It's a bit worse for wear but I like few things more than getting out on the highways on a sunny day.
  • I have a good eye for design. I can't really describe myself as a designer as I'm not so good at designing stuff, but I can certainly point out the flaws in other people's design work. I find this frustrating because every day I come across simple mistakes that people make. I've often thought about making a "fix this, and it will look hot" website, but never have.
  • At high school I got involved with theatrical lighting, sound and production. Ten years later I still enjoy messing about with lights, projectors, sound systems and mixing desks.

What's with the nickname?

Yes, I have an odd handle for a programmer. I've had it since before I got into software and have been unable to get rid of it. In hindsight, registering the domain name was probably a mistake.